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Welcome to Issue no.6 of Practical Technology for Archives. With this issue we complete our third year of publication. And fittingly, this issue has three articles. And, oddly enough, all three authors have last names beginning with “C”.

The first article, by Elizabeth Charlton, explains getting started with dealing with born-digital material, especially on disposable media. While not a step-by-step guide it should help lone arrangers and others with less than ideal tech support get over that initial hurdle of “What do I do, where do I start?”. Ms. Charlton’s bibliography should also be a great help in quickly accessing more detailed information on accessioning born-digital material.

Alston Cobourn presents a method to help standardize digitization of patron requests to enable the files created to be stored in the institution’s digital repository. By using a renaming program Ms. Cobourn was able to continue using the readily available hardware and established workflow and keep the files for future use.

Scattered throughout the thousands of files on an institution’s server are many files that have not been touched in years and are ready to either be deleted or archived. The problem, of course, is to find them. Anthony Cocciolo addresses the problem of identifying records on an institution’s server that are ready to for transfer to the archives with programming that can identify the records based on the last-modified date and other parameters.

We hope you will find these articles not only interesting, but useful. We also hope that many more of you will be inspired to submit articles to the journal. If you have an effective workflow you use in your processing, why not share it with others. Or is there a particular program or piece of software you find valuable in your work, describe how you use it and how it has helped you. Others may thank you for it. Practical Technology for Archives is the platform for just those kinds of articles. I will be sending out the official call for submission in August, but feel free to send me proposals or submission at any time.

All the Best,

Randall Miles
Managing Editor

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