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Welcome to Issue no.2 of Practical Technology for Archives.

As with our first issue this issue has a digital focus. It is understandable that this should be the case since many archivists work extensively with digital tools and increasingly have to deal with born-digital records. I would, however, like to stress that we would welcome submissions on analog tools as well. We also welcome submissions in the form of audio or video clips. Hopefully, in future issues we will see a greater diversity in both content and format.

In the interest of expanding our content options we have created two new sections in the journal and hope to receive submissions for these sections in time for the next issue. The first of the new sections is for Reviews and the other is for Grant Reports. In the Reviews sections you may submit reviews of books dealing with archival technology, tools (analog or digital), software, websites, etc. The Grant Reports section offers a forum for publishing the technical reports often required by granting agencies. So, please, if you have anything for either of these sections please consider submitting to PTA.

This time around we have two articles on coping with born-digital materials. One, by B. Goldman, describes building a workstation for handling electronic records. The other, by D. Waugh, describes retrieving data from 3.5” floppy disks. In addition to these two articles, A. Duryee and B. Lyons give us a look at two tools for managing digital asset metadata. Our fourth offering is a Tips and Tricks submission by M. Strauss regarding a tool he built in Microsoft Access to facilitate the creation of EAD finding aids.

We made the decision with the first issue to leave comments open in the hope that the articles might spark a conversation around the topics presented. So far the comments have been over 99% spam. If this continues to be the case we will consider closing comments.

At this point I would like to publicly welcome our newest board member, Michael Szajewski. He joins Martha McTear, Leah Prescott, Trevor Thornton, and myself in bringing you this journal. We hope that you will enjoy it and consider submitting something yourself in the future.

All the Best,
Randall Miles, Managing Editor

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